Henry the Fourth, part Two

The previous play, the First Part of Henry the Fourth, is enlarged and continued and we see even more of Falstaff. Prince Hal shows his true Machiavellian colors in rejecting Falstaff. It's enough to make you cry. “How ill white hairs become a fool and jester. . . . Leave gormandizing; know the grave doth gape for thee thrice wider than for other men."

Here is a detailed synopsis on Wikipedia.
And this chart gives brief descriptions of each of the historical characters in this play: Historical 2 Henry the Fourth

If your group reads the plays straight through in one sitting and you want to divide up the parts, we have a number of “cast” lists already divided up for you. These are text files that you edit to suit your group. We always recommend in a straight-through read that each participant take a moment beforehand to mark their parts—then everything proceeds so smoothly.

• Cast for 8, plus a reader for Stage Directions
• Cast for 9, plus a reader for Stage Directions
• Cast for 10, plus a reader for Stage Directions
• Cast for 12, plus a reader for Stage Directions

For those of you who provide parts a scene at a time, this Character Chart shows all the characters' lines in each scene: Second part of Henry the Fourth

The short articles for 1 Henry 4 also apply to this play: related info such as the original chronicles from Holinshed, Stow, and Hall, a couple of related plays of Shakespeare's time, and more, see the University of Virginia Internet Shakespeare site.


This is an audio recording of the play by professional actors with sound effects:

Edited-for-film versions of the Henriad, four discs: Richard the Second, Henry the Fourth parts One and Two, and Henry the Fifth

The Hollow Crown: The Complete Series
Starring Tom Hiddleston, Ben Whishaw, David Suchet, Jeremy Irons, John Hurt