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We established the ISC Press to develop and create the Readers’ Editions of the plays, the only edition in the world that is specifically designed and edited for readers in a Shakespeare reading group. The many features of the books are shown on the About the Readers Editions page.

The ISC Press is founded and led by Robin Williams, who has an extensive background in writing, publishing, and communication design, a doctorate in the history (and future) of Shakespeare reading groups with a focus on editorial practice, as well as a decade and a half of experience in leading a variety of Shakespeare reading groups. This unique combination of skills, experience, and passion led her to realize the need for playbooks for lay readers that can encourage reading groups to feel comfortable diving into the plays without waiting for an “expert” to tell them what to think.

The ISC Press is under the non-profit umbrella of the ISC and thus loves donations to the cause!  ;-)  Help us with a national reading initiative to foster and develop adult Shakespeare reading groups across the country!