To see Shakespeare, “All we need is a stage and actors”

Fiona Banks at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London said: “To see Shakespeare . . . , we need nothing more than a performance space and a company of actors."

Oh. Is that all?

That's a pretty hilarious statement, me thinks, since it is meant to imply that Shakespeare is easily accessible to everyone—all you need is a stage and an acting company.  ;-)  

Anyone who has tried to put on a performance, especially in a small town, knows very well just how difficult it can be to find a venue in which to perform and to gather enough people ready and willing and able to memorize vast swathes of text and rehearse for weeks and then convince people to actually show up to watch it. It's quite an undertaking.

While you're waiting around for that company of actors to appear on a stage near you, grab a friend and a play and start reading in front of the fire with a cup of tea!

And don't forget—if you had a Halloween Shakespeare reading, let us know how it went!