Halloween Shakespeare!

Halloween is coming right up and what better and more thrilling way to celebrate than by reading Macbeth—out loud and with friends!

Dress up, of course, in the various characters according to the part you are reading: Wyrd Sisters, Hecate the triple goddess, murderers, Banquo a-live, Banquo a-ghost, apparitions (an armed/helmeted head, a bloody child, a crowned child with a tree in his hand), Birnam Wood, a nurse, doctors, soldiers, Lady Macbeth, King Duncan, Macbeth himself, and others.

Get creative with the food and drink and decorations! There are plenty of gory suggestions online. And give yourself the freedom to really ramp up the emoting in your reading—your costume creates an attitude, y'know?

Make sure you grab enough copies of the Readers' Edition of Macbeth, too.  :-)  Remember, there are charts in the book to make it easy to allocate parts beforehand; if you don't use the book, the charts are also right here.

If you have ideas for a party, please tell us about them! After your party, send photos!